Everyone dreams of staying young for as long as possible but time is pitiless. Over the years it causes not only health problems but leaves marks on your face known as wrinkles. Philosophers consider them to be an honest sign of age and physiognomists know how to determine person’s character by studying the wrinkles or use them to predict the fate. While some wrinkles can add wisdom and authority to men, women will take any measures to get rid of them. Often the methods can be quite radical but the truth is, their effectiveness crucially depends on the causes of wrinkles. Usually, they have nothing to do with aging.

Factors that cause wrinkles 

Naturally, the main reason for wrinkles is aging, the physiological process of skin fading in particular. But also there are quite a lot of external and internal factors that negatively affect the skin and speed up wrinkles. For example, in some people wrinkles only become visible to the age of 50, while in others they may appear after 20. These are the main causes of early wrinkles that can be easily altered and controlled:


This is no a secret that smoking and other bad habits cause skin withering apart from various health issues. For instance, smokers have dense wrinkles around the mouth known as “smoke lines”. Stress, lack of sleep and chronic fatigue leave their sings on your skin face, which turns weary and flabby.

What to do: have some walk every day. Fresh air is a rich source of oxygen, which is beneficial for your face skin. If you want to look young for long, you should give up smoking.

Facial Tightness

Muscles of the face responsible for facial expression get tensed over time. The way you frown, make faces, wrinkle the forehead, and squint leave lines. Frequent smiling and laughing are features of a good-humored person but they cause creases. The same as chewing a gum – this is good for your breath but not for around-the-mouth zone.

What to do: pay attention to your facial mobility and muscles which are engaged in your mimic. Look for some exercises to help you loosen up your facial muscles.


The effect of dry air is comparable to the effect of staying in direct sunlight. Both cause premature aging and loss of skin tone. Water imbalance of the skin often results in its dryness, redness, peeling, microcracks, and inflammation. Couple it with cold and windy weather to make your skin suffer.

What to do: a humidifier is a must have to prevent dryness. Also, proper creams help to protect your skin from early wrinkles. In summer use a sunscreen with high SPF to reflect harmful UV radiation. In winter, moisturizing and hydrating creams will remedy your skin and make it smooth.

Unhealthy Diet

Eating lots of meat, baked foods, salty and sweet products cause acne and skin problems. Change of color, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, bad skin tone and texture are other after-effects of unhealthy eating habits. They result in thin lines and wrinkles, which when not treated, get deeper over time.

What to do: add fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily menu. They are rich in vitamins and elements beneficial for your skin health and color. Drink sufficient amount of water every day and have a balanced diet.

Individual Specifics

People with dry skin or poor skin elasticity are predisposed to early wrinkles just like people with oily skin are prone to be affected by acne. Also, dermatologists believe that wrinkles are genetic, meaning that the time they start develop is hereditary. Though the recent study of the Environmental Protection Agency proves that habits are more important than genetics.

What to do: find out your skin type and use the appropriate face skin treatment accordingly. People with dry skin are recommended to start using anti-wrinkle creams at the age of 20+.

Improper Skin Care

The use of cosmetics of low quality or using wrong cosmetics for your skin type can cause early wrinkles. Enthusiastic or aggressive face cleansing can be harmful, too. Like using coarse scrubs make your skin thin and flabby.

What to do: learn about your skin type and choose face care products wisely. Do not use face treatment products you were presented even if they are expensive or made by big brands. If they do not fit your skin type, they are of no good for your face. More to add, they can harm it.

Certain Diseases

Atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, and furunculosis result in pure face skin conditions. The skin got dry and irritated, nose to lip creases appear. Hormonal disbalance, lack of protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals cause skin problems such as acne, inflammation, allergy reactions, redness, skin flaking, etc.

What to do: make sure you know the real reason for your skin condition. Better consult the doctor or dermatologist, give blood tests if your skin does not improve with a proper care. Start taking dietary supplements rich in vitamins A, E, B2, B7, B6, PP, selenium, magnesium, and calcium.


Some of the abovementioned habits that harm your face skin and cause early wrinkles are easy to alter. It will take some time and efforts but you will like the result – your healthy and smooth skin with barely noticeable signs of age.

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