If there is any a chance to make the youth elixir that prevents aging, its inventor would become the richest person ever. Long-lasting youthfulness is what many people pray for. Nowadays cosmetology makes great progress producing a rich collection of anti-age products that fight wrinkles. However, aging is inevitable and sooner or later anyone can see that in the mirror. The major focus here is on later because the time when first wrinkles appear largely depends not on a physical age but on the person. 

The effect of aging on skin

The skin can be compared to a detection paper – it reflects the processes that occur in the body being one with it. When the body suffers, this is how you can see that. Here are some signs of skin aging:

  • the change of color and pigmentation;
  • the amount and depth (severity) of wrinkles;
  • the change in a face shape and structure;
  • deep nose-to-mouth lines;
  • sudden dark circles under eyes;
  • enlarged capillaries.

Skin aging processes

Scientists claim that the aging process starts at the age of 25. Gradually, fibroblasts (the so-called dermal cells) reduce the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. According to the data obtained in the course of the research, from the age of 30, the concentration of this protein starts reducing by 1% annually.

Skin renewal is regulated by the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, which are necessary for cells division. Over time, these processes are inhibited and it affects the state of the epidermis: subcutaneous fat cells atrophy, thus the skin becomes dry and scaly and loses the ability to retain moisture.

With age, the layer of functionally active cells decreases, while the thickness of the cornea thickens.
If at a young age it takes only 28 days for cell replacement, over time 45-60 days are needed for cells to renovate themselves. The dead cells get off more slowly and the dermis gets thinner.

These are internal, or biological, reasons why aging of the facial skin is inevitable. The speed of this process is individual and largely depends on genetics. Though there are other external factors that may accelerate skin aging. Unlike biological reasons, they can be regulated by the person.

Premature aging

Aging is natural and women get accustomed to it when the time comes. But once it happens prematurely, this causes psychological discomfort and a usual course of life is disrupted. Early aging reduces personal self-esteem as well as it may change the attitude of other people.

The dark circles around the eyes or deep creases between the eyebrows give the person morose and malicious look. The experiment conducted at the University of Pennsylvania showed that these emotions are noticed even on “smiling” photos of older people. So what triggers the aging process and makes it start earlier? The answer may be too simple to believe.

Causes of early aging

Ultraviolet rays or the sunlight boost aging process in skin. The hyaluronic acid is one of the most important constituents of a human skin. It takes part in critical tissue renewal processes. When skin is exposed to the sunlight, the inflammation may occur, the speed of components breakdown increases while the synthesis ceases. This causes oxidative stress, which destroys the structure of cells. This process is also called photoaging. Apart from it, there are other factors that lead to premature skin aging such as:

1. Unfavorable ecological conditions such as dry and polluted air or regular wind, which contributes to pores blockage, inflammation, and metabolic disorders.
2. Lack of moisture, which results in changes in the skin structure. Moisture deficiency cannot be eliminated by drinking much water during the day. Some cosmetics with specific agents that hold water molecules are needed.
3. Harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs are a source of toxins. Toxic compounds destroy cells, promote the formation of free radicals, and provoke a deficiency of nutrients.
4. Lack of nutrients and vitamins, which are crucial for metabolic, oxidative, and reductive processes as well as immune reactions.
5. Stress and busy lifestyle do harm to your skin and body by triggering aging.
6. Too much mimics such as wrinkling the nose and forehead or frowning result in deeper lines and creases.
7. Improper face care like the use of incorrect cosmetics may cause loss of moisture, inflammation or may lead to disorder of skin functions.
8. Lack of sleep (less than 7 hours a day) result in early aging because tissues do not have time to renew.
9. Hormonal imbalance such as decrease of estrogen provokes wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and tocopherol, also known as ”vitamin of youth”.

You see, to a great extent your beauty depends on you. Now, when you have the knowledge of what happens to the skin when it ages and what factors might cause early aging, what do you think you have to change in your lifestyle to slow down unwanted aging?

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