About Cosmedique

About Cosmedique

Aging affects everyone. Is there anything that will make us look younger? Can we turn back the clock? The answer is yes. More and more women are using Cosmedique. For every woman it is essential to care about her skin. “It’s like getting your body into shape: Just because you haven’t exercised before doesn’t mean you can’t start now and see great results,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD and Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Indications and usage

Cosmedique is an anti-aging skin formula for women. It restores and protects skin. Cosmedique contains:

  • Caviar Extract (stimulates collagen synthesis)
  • Retinol (reduces wrinkles by boosting the elasticity of the skin)
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (smoothes and softens the skin)
  • Algae (renews skin cells)
  • Tocopheryl Acetate  (protects skin from outdoor damaging compounds)
  • DMAE (reduces facial sag)
  • Phytosphingosine (reduces redness and the signs of acne)
  • The Swiss Apple Extract (reduces fine lines and wrincles)

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or if you are breast feeding, talk with your doctor about whether you can safely use Cosmedique.

After a 16-week test conducted on over 20 women aged 25-85 the following results were observed:


Reduction in age spots


Improvement in skin texture and tone


Decreasing in wrinkle volume and depth, reducing deep lines


Skin looks fresh, firm, smooth, supple

The participants applied a cream daily  on the face and neck areas in the evening. The participants used no other products during the test and continued their everyday life, which included their normal diet, physical activity, sleep pattern and medications. Also, the participants controlled their water balance drinking a minimum of eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day and limited sun exposure. Participants were instructed to the cream application from getting in their eyes. 10 % of the participants had side effects: temporary redness, rash and stinging on areas of the skin where it is applied. The cause of stopping their participation in the test was the allergy to some of the ingredients in the cream.

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