Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried different anti-aging products available, but it seems none works for me. Why should I trust Cosmedique?

Do not expect any product to work immediately. It takes at least 10 days to 60 days for a visible result. Dead skin cells are replaced with new ones in 28 days. Cosmedique created a skin revitalizing formula which correct and protect your skin without a surgery. It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Just try it and you will see the results.

When should I start using anti-aging products?

It is never early to take care about your health. To prevent anti-aging signs on your face and neck you should choose appropriate anti-aging products from your early 20s.

What is Cosmedique?

Cosmedique is the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatment today. The goal of Cosmedique is to recover damaged cells and give you smooth and wrinkle-free skin.  It also regulates the production of lipids in the outer skin layers.

How quickly will I see the result?

Improvement in the condition occurs gradually. Don’t be upset if you see no immediate improvement. Results are individual and depend on some factors, such as condition of skin, wrinkle depth and age. According to clinical studies, you will notice a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines in 10 days of treatment, your skin will look firmer and tighter; by week 8 they will completely disappear.

I am allergic to some cosmetic ingredients. What should I do firstly to use your cream safety?

Everyone’s skin is different. If you can have an allergic reaction, firstly place a small amount of cream on the inside of your elbow and wait 48 or 72 hours. If you notice no redness or itching, you can use it.

I am planning my pregnancy. May I use Cosmedique?

If you are pregnant or planning your pregnancy, discuss with your doctor whether you should use Cosmedique.

Are there any additional instructions for application Cosmedique?

Follow the instructions for application of Cosmedique carefully. It is for external use only. In the evening after cleansing your, apply a thin layer of Cosmedique to your face and neck and rub the cream into your skin. Don’t use it just before bedtime. A contact with a pillow can change the result. Avoid contact with your eyes.

Can I use more than recommended amount of cream?

More is not better. It is best to apply the recommended amount according to the instruction.

What are the possible side effects of Cosmedique?

Cosmedigue may cause temporary irritation,  such as redness, burning, or itching, especially when the skin is damaged. If irritation continues, stop use it and contact your doctor.

How should Cosmedique be stored?

Keep it out of the reach of children. Do not use it for another condition or give it to anyone else. Cosmedique should be stored at room temperature, in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat may change the cream’s structure and function. Do not freeze it.

Will the results change if I forget to use Cosmedique?

Don’t worry. Use it when you remember.

I am 60. My skin looks dull and grey. Can Cosmedique help me?

Dull skin is a result of an accumulation of dead cells and thickened skin. Vitamin A, as a main ingredient in cream Cosmedigue will brighten your appearance. Cosmedique also increases skin hydration and improves skin tone.

I have dark circles under my eyes. Can I apply Cosmedique arond my eyes?

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate and it becomes more so as the years pass. The reasons of dark circles are different: genetic inheritance, medical conditions, bad habits and bad diet and lack of sleep. Consisting of vitamins A, C and E, Cosmedique smoothes, moisturizes, energizes and reduces dark circles. It gives additional nourishment to your skin.

I have a combination skin type. Is Cosmedique appropriate to all skin types?

Cosmedique can be used with varying skin types and. It will not make your skin more oily or dry.

I am used to applying a moisturizer to my face. Will Cosmedique moisturize my face as well?

Yes, it will Chrysaderm contains Sodium Hyaluronate which help to soothe the skin and provides relief from itching and dryness.